Plastic Surgery Malpractice

When people have been injured as a result of botched plastic surgery, they want to recover medically and personally. They also want accountability.

At Furr & Henshaw, we bring more than 40 years of experience to bear on all of our plastic surgery malpractice cases. Our experience means we have the seasoned legal judgment our clients need in order to understand their legal options and to choose from those options intelligently, both in and out of the courtroom.

What Kind of Plastic Surgery Injuries Does Your Firm Handle?

As South Carolina attorneys for plastic surgery malpractice, we assist people throughout the state who have been injured by plastic surgery, including breast augmentation and liposuction. With our help, clients have gained access to the compensation they need to address any number of financial burdens they face today or will be facing in the future as a result of their injuries.

Our practice extends to those cases involving a wide variety of plastic surgery-related circumstances, including:

  • Untrained or underexperienced surgeons performing plastic surgery
  • Using nurses for anesthesiology
  • Underequipped surgical offices and facilities
  • Failure to properly and fully record a patient’s history
  • Not abiding by the patient’s wishes or consent
  • Performing surgery on the wrong body part

We work diligently to help our clients recover for the bills and lost wages arising out of plastic surgery injuries. In delivering our services, our firm remains committed to helping our clients compassionately while protecting their rights aggressively.

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