Orthopedic Surgery

Like any surgery, orthopedic surgery comes with its own set of normal risks. However, when surgeons follow the correct procedures, these risks are greatly reduced. Unfortunately, in many instances, surgeons and other medical practitioners fail to adhere to standard protocol, causing serious injuries to their patients. When this occurs, they ought to be held to account.

The lawyers at Furr & Henshaw have decades of experience helping clients throughout South Carolina hold negligent doctors liable for their mistakes. In this time, we have developed a reputation for effectively winning compensation for the individuals we serve. From our office in Myrtle Beach , we practice throughout the state. We’re ready to assist you, too.

Representing Victims Of All Types Of Surgical Errors

Joint replacements and other orthopedic surgical operations are complicated procedures that need to be performed with a high degree of care and attention. When surgeons and staff do not follow the correct procedures, they can cause problems such as the following:

  • Incorrect placement of limbs: When a limb is not reattached properly during surgery, it can end up sitting at the wrong angle, resulting in pain and, potentially, an improper gait.
  • Use of the wrong size prosthetic device: Use of the wrong size device during a knee, hip or shoulder replacement can also cause serious, long-term problems.
  • Failure to diagnose and treat infections: Infection is a risk during any surgery, and doctors have a responsibility to diagnose and treat those infections promptly.
  • Damage to the sciatic nerve: The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. When it is damaged, the patient can suffer sciatica, an extremely painful condition.
  • Damage to the deep fibular nerve or peroneal nerve: These are nerves that run down the leg. When they are damaged during surgery, this damage can result in permanent foot drop.
  • Compartment syndrome: When a bone is set in a cast, areas of swelling must be monitored and drained if necessary to avoid compartment syndrome, a permanent injury.

Many of these injuries are caused by failure to follow anatomical landmarks. Our attorneys work closely with knowledgeable medical experts to demonstrate how our clients’ injuries have been caused by the failure of providers to follow their own professional standards.

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