Eye Surgery

Eye surgery is an extremely sensitive type of surgery that must be performed with a very high level of care and diligence. When ophthalmic surgeons are not sufficiently careful in performing operations or screening patients, they can cause serious and permanent harm, including blindness.

The law firm of Furr & Henshaw includes some of the premier eye surgery malpractice attorneys serving South Carolina. We have more than 40 years of experience helping clients hold negligent providers accountable and pursue fair compensation for medical malpractice.

Seeking Compensation From Negligent Ophthalmologists

If you have suffered serious harm to your vision during or after eye surgery, you may have a malpractice claim against the doctor who performed the surgery. Our firm helps clients pursue claims against ophthalmologists for errors such as the following:

  • Lasik surgery errors: Many surgical centers that perform laser eye correction are high-volume practices that do not take sufficient time to screen patients to determine whether they are appropriate candidates for this type of surgery. A patient with thin corneas, for instance, may develop serious complications after Lasik surgery.
  • Cataract surgery errors: When cataract surgery is performed too early, before a cataract has ripened to the point where it can be more easily removed, patients can suffer serious damage, with long-term consequences for their vision.
  • Failure to diagnose eye disorders: In addition to surgical malpractice, ophthalmologists can also be held liable for malpractice for negligently failing to diagnose and treat serious disorders, like retina detachment, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

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