Testosterone & Prostate Cancer

According to a study done at the University of Illinois at Chicago, testosterone replacement therapy can cause an increased risk of prostate cancer and accelerate the growth of cancerous cells when other carcinogens are present. In addition, by taking testosterone, men may also put themselves at higher risk for stroke and heart attack.

If a doctor prescribed testosterone to you or a loved one and a cancer diagnosis soon followed, you or your family member may be a victim of medical and pharmaceutical negligence. At Furr & Henshaw, our attorneys know what it is like to put trust in a medical professional only to have that trust broken due to a worsened condition, and we will work to obtain justice for you or your family.

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Testosterone, And What Responsibilities Do They Have To Patients?

Physicians often prescribe testosterone to combat low energy levels in middle-aged men. It is also a common treatment for sexual dysfunction or decreased libido.

When physicians consider prescribing testosterone to patients, they should carefully assess the patients’ conditions. These assessments should begin with prostate-specific antigen tests. PSA tests will reveal if the patients have elevated levels of the antigen, which could indicate the presence of cancerous cells.

If You Are A Victim Of Medical Malpractice, We Can Help

Do you feel as though your doctor failed to properly screen you before he or she prescribed testosterone treatment? Did you develop prostate cancer or suffer a heart attack or stroke after beginning treatment? The people of South Carolina have turned to Furr & Henshaw for over 40 years for help pursuing compensation after suffering at the hands of negligent medical professionals, and our lawyers can help you as well.

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