Negligent Hiring of Nursing Home Staff

Abuse and neglect in a nursing home oftentimes result from inadequate staffing or nonexistent background checks of candidates. Minimal employee-to-patient ratios exist to protect nursing home residents. However, annual inspections often find that nursing homes fall short in hiring qualified employees or maintaining adequate staffing.

At Furr & Henshaw, our trial lawyers hold nursing homes accountable for negligent hiring that results in inadequate staffing levels or unqualified employees being brought in to the facility. Far too much is at stake to trust your case to inexperienced representatives. Our attorneys have the compassion, skill and resources to maximize compensation.

Advocating For Victims Of Abuse

Nursing homes in South Carolina are required to staff a registered nurse who serves as the full-time director of nursing. Overall staffing levels involving registered, licensed practical, and licensed vocational nurses are determined by the number of residents in the facility. Minimum requirements state that a registered nurse must be present or on call when patients are in the facility.

Non-licensed nursing staff to patient ratios are one to nine on first shifts, one to 13 for second shifts and one to 22 for third shifts.

When a nursing home fails to hire adequate staff, existing licensed and non-licensed employees are overworked. Low morale and overall frustration of the staff is only the start. Negligent hiring practices result in shortcuts and errors. Feedings are cut short. Routine checks on residents to change, turn or reposition them are skipped. Any or all of these “timesaving” measures could lead to dangerous and deadly fungal and bacterial infections and bedsores.

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