Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Failing to provide the proper dosage of medication can have catastrophic results for a nursing home resident and his or her family members. Residents are usually older or disabled. Being vulnerable, they rely on the decisions of nursing home staff. They are especially susceptible to injury and death if they receive the wrong medication or too much of their prescribed drugs.

With compassion, skill and resources, the trial lawyers at Furr & Henshaw dedicate themselves to protecting the rights of injured nursing home residents and their family members. Facilities that take shortcuts in ensuring proper dispensing of necessary medication must be held accountable for errors.

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While computerized medication dispensing and monitoring systems can prevent potentially deadly mistakes, many nursing homes do not have the revenue to purchase them. Residents are susceptible to human error from staff that is unqualified, overworked or poorly trained.

Patients must be properly assessed and medication dispensing must not only be timely, but also closely monitored for adverse reactions. The most common adverse reactions come from psychoactive drugs and anticoagulants that are administered late or inconsistently. Residents end up oversedated, confused or suffering hallucinations. The delirium can result in wandering or elopement and make them prone to falls. Those with multiple prescriptions because of serious health problems find themselves at even greater risk.

If you suspect that a family member is being victimized by medication mistakes, take immediate action with a call to our law firm. His or her well-being and life may very well be at stake.

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