Inadequate Training of Nursing Home Staff

Just as the screening process must be thorough, the training of nursing home staff members must be in-depth. Initial education should only be the start. Rules and regulations change. New ways to provide quality care and medical treatments become available. Ongoing professional development will make for a more qualified and component staff.

Understaffed nursing homes usually lead to new hires being rushed into their jobs without adequate training. Combined with inexperienced employees, morale drops, quality suffers, and residents are put at risk.

At Furr & Henshaw, we hold nursing homes and their staff accountable when inadequate training or negligent hiring plays a role in serious injuries to a resident. In every case we handle, our clients benefit from our compassion, skill and resources.

The Dangerous And Deadly Consequences Of Poorly Trained Staff

While registered nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) compose a major portion of a nursing home staff, unlicensed employees provide support to the ongoing care of residents. They do not possess the certifications, degrees and the on-the-job training that their counterparts enjoy. They must be provided with the tools necessary to do their jobs properly and within state standards for nursing homes.

When staff to patient ratios must be maintained, training is limited or rushed. In some cases, background checks were poorly performed or ignored altogether. The administration needs someone on the job to ensure adherence to South Carolina state regulations. However, the proper staff to patient ratio using that approach could present danger to your vulnerable loved one.

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