Nursing Home Malpractice

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is made after careful consideration and discussions within a family. Selecting the right nursing home is composed of thorough research and onsite visits. A loved one being placed in his or her new “home” should provide peace of mind for a family following a life-changing milestone.

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Signs of nursing home abuse or neglect require an immediate telephone call to an experienced trial lawyer possessing the compassion, skill and resources needed to rectify the situation. At Furr & Henshaw we hold nursing home facilities accountable when a lack of quality care and proper staffing results in injuries due to:

  • Nursing home falls — Residents already facing physical challenges due to illness or advanced age are susceptible to falls out of the beds or during moves to the bathroom. The job of nursing home staff is to ensure a high level of care and focus on safety, specifically a room close to the nurse’s station with call buttons and alarms.
  • Medication errors — Proper dosage of medication is paramount to the health and well-being of a nursing home resident. The wrong prescription drugs or an overdose can lead to serious, life-threatening injuries. When staff fails to attend to all details related to the care of their patients, we pursue justice on behalf of our clients.
  • Negligent hiring of staff — South Carolina has strict regulations when it comes to staff to patient ratios in nursing homes. Nursing home employees become overworked when they have to go above and beyond their normal responsibilities. Being stretched to their limits has negative impacts on vulnerable residents. This can commonly lead to neglect and injuries such as bed sores.
  • Inadequate training of staff — Non-licensed employees in particular require not only careful screening and thorough background checks, but also thorough training. Taking shortcuts in an effort to meet staffing requirements does a great disservice to residents. Quality of care is sacrificed, creating a dangerous environment.
  • Wandering and elopement — Nursing home residents suffering from dementia are prone to leaving their room or the facility. This dangerous tendency must be identified immediately and extra supervision is required to prevent serious and possibly fatal injuries to a patient.

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