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When you come to our office for your malpractice claim needs, you are probably hoping to make the most out of your first meeting with us, but you may not know what you can do to prepare yourself. We want to help you make the most out of all the time you spend at our office, so we want to help you understand how you can prepare for our meeting and what to expect from it.

When you come to our office for your initial consultation, it is important to bring anything related to your injuries in an organized manner, such as medical bills, medical records, any statements or communication from insurance companies, any emails or texts from any liable party, or anything else that you feel may bolster your claim. By doing this, you will be helping us get the full picture of your unique situation and allow us to have the resources necessary to help you pursue the ideal outcome in your case.

We will then work with you to review your unique situation, determine what courses of action you may have and discuss which option you want to pursue to defend your best interests. Our goal in your first appointment is to begin laying out a map of what your goals are in your case and how we can help you get to that goal. If you are ready to meet with us, contact our office with the information below to schedule your initial consultation today.

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