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South Carolina parents, birth injuries and medical malpractice

In South Carolina hospitals and hospitals all across the country, countless newborns suffer birth injuries. However, most of these injuries do not require treatment, and the injuries heal naturally. Unfortunately, some newborns are not so lucky, and their birth injuries result in lifelong physical or mental disabilities. For parents of these unlucky children, lawsuits for medical malpractice may be required to ensure their children have care for the rest of their lives.

The difference in Erb’s palsy and Klumpke’s palsy

Any expectant mother hopes their newborn is born without defect or injury. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Two of the most common injuries in South Carolina are Erb’s palsy and Klumpke’s palsy. While these two injuries are similar, they do have their differences.

What is Erb’s palsy?

Birth injuries can be a terrifying prospect for any expecting mother. While birth injuries are not common, one of the more common birth injuries that does occur is called Erb's palsy. Erb's Palsy is a kind brachial plexus palsy. When this happens, the newborn will have very limited or no use of one of their arms. It occurs because of a difficult delivery. If the baby is too big, or too much force is exerted on it, the nerves can become damaged and cause the complication.

When joy turns to distress, look to us for assistance

The arrival of a child into the world is one of those moments that happens only occasionally in life. It is something that is months in the making and which is greatly anticipated, along with the parents' dreams and hopes for their child's future. Most of the time the moment of birth is a time for celebration. But on occasion something can go terribly wrong, and when it does the consequences for everyone can be heartbreaking.

Can I file a claim if my baby has a birth defect?

In short, the answer is, "It depends." Every year, approximately one out of every 33 babies in South Carolina is born with a birth defect. The fact is that the cause of most of these birth defects is unknown. In cases where the cause of the defect cannot be identified, it can be very hard to prove medical malpractice.

Understanding vacuum extraction birth injuries

Vacuum extraction is a form of intervention used by physicians during childbirth in situations where the labor and delivery has stalled. It is used to help pull and guide the baby out of the birth canal. This is done with the use of a vacuum extractor device which consists of either a soft or hard cup attached to a vacuum pump. The cup is attached to the baby's head and used to pull at the same time the mother pushes during contractions.

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