Emergency Room Errors

Emergency rooms (ERs) exist so that people who need emergency medical treatment can receive it promptly. Unfortunately, medical malpractice by ER staff can result in people who need immediate care being sent home or left waiting for hours.

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Did You Receive The Treatment You Needed, When You Needed It?

Emergency rooms are under a lot of pressure as a result of the fact that many people without insurance use them for primary case. Moreover, in tourist-heavy areas like Myrtle Beach, many out-of-state visitors also rely on ERs for treatment of relatively minor injuries.

In every ER, there is a triage nurse whose responsibility is to identify which patients need immediate attention. ER doctors also share responsibility for correctly identifying which patients need treatment in the hospital and who can be sent elsewhere.

When hospitals and their staff members do not follow the appropriate procedures and an injury ensues, they can be held responsible for failing to diagnose and treat patients with medical emergencies.

Conditions such as heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis, appendicitis and infections are routinely overlooked in hospital ERs. Indeed, many patients suffer serious harm and may even die as a result of delayed treatment. That’s why we’ve devoted our practice to holding ERs accountable.

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