Were You A Victim Of Dental Malpractice?

The mouth is a sensitive area where any damage can result in significant, long-term harm. Dentists are highly trained to perform procedures on the teeth and mouth, but unfortunately, some of them fail to follow their training and end up causing serious injuries to their patients.

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Holding Dentists Accountable For Negligent Treatment

Dentists must work very carefully to avoid injuring their patients. If they make any mistakes, they have a responsibility to take immediate action to limit the damage. An injury caused by any of the following may be an example of dentist malpractice:

  • Improper tooth extraction resulting in nerve damage
  • Failure to properly treat periodontal infections
  • Failure to prescribe sufficient antibiotics
  • Negligent drilling into the sinus cavity

While people use the term dentistry to refer to almost any treatment of the teeth, gums and mouth, this area of the body is broken up into numerous specialty practices, precisely because the work is complex and requires advanced knowledge and training. It is extremely important for dentists to recognize the limits of their training and experience, and to refer patients to oral surgeons or medical doctors when necessary. Any dentist who attempts to treat outside their specialty or fails to provide referrals for treatment can cause serious harm.

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