Medical Lift Injuries

Medical lifts allow patients confined to a bed to have a certain amount of mobility. Moving from their bed to a bath can be easier when a lift is provided to help them. However, defective lifts can — and do — catastrophically injure a patient already dealing with serious medical issues. In some cases, the failure of the lift to operate properly has resulted in death.

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Pursuing Justice For You

Dangerous and defective medical lifts can injure patients due to the following:

  • Missing spring washer
  • Pin breakage
  • Defective hydraulic pump
  • Defective replacement pump
  • Defective sling or sling straps or chains
  • Misuse of equipment

A recent voluntary Class I product recall — defined by the FDA as one where a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause adverse health consequences or death — of 116 MINSTREL Patient Lifts resulted from mechanical problems, specifically:

  • Detaching of the hanger bar that would cause a patient to fall to the ground
  • A loose bolt causing foot pedal assembly to fall off the lift, making it unstable

Getting To The Facts. Fighting For Justice.

The first step in a malpractice claim involving a medical lift is identifying the responsible party. Did the staff member focus on the safety of the patient in using the lift properly? Was the lift improperly installed and/or poorly maintained? Did a defect exist in the design or manufacturing of the medical lift?

While our clients focus on recovering from injuries or grieving the death of a loved one, we attend to every detail in getting to the facts, maximizing compensation and fighting for justice.

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