Falls in Hospitals and Nursing Homes

When someone is already in a delicate condition due to an illness or advanced age, a fall can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, some hospitals and nursing homes do not take proper precautions to help residents and patients avoid slips and falls. There are serious consequences, including ruptures, bone fractures and, in some cases, fatality.

The lawyers at Furr & Henshaw have decades of experience helping fall victims and their families pursue compensation for medical malpractice and nursing home negligence. From our office in Myrtle Beach , we serve throughout North Carolina.

Holding Negligent Facilities Accountable

Some people require assistance in order to get out of their beds and move about, especially when using the bathroom. When this assistance is not available, or when an individual is confused or disoriented, they may try to get up and walk on their own, risking serious falls.

Hospitals and nursing homes can significantly reduce the likelihood that their patients will fall and suffer serious injuries by taking steps such as the following:

  • Providing and responding to call buttons and bed alarms
  • Accurately assessing each patient’s risk of falling
  • Placing at-risk patients closer to the nurses’ station
  • Correctly advising family members and other visitors

When these precautions are not taken, the facility may be responsible for the consequences. Our firm helps clients pursue compensation from hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities where patients are treated negligently.

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