Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a common form of cancer that is often discovered in people who have been chronic smokers. However, smokers are not the only individuals who develop lung cancer. There are other risk factors and symptoms that may indicate the disease’s presence. Doctors should be thorough in their investigation of any symptoms, as a delay in diagnosing or a misdiagnosis of lung cancer can have fatal consequences.

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Thorough Testing

It is important that your doctor conduct as many tests as necessary to determine the location, size, type and any other aspects of the lung cancer that has been detected. Whereas previously it was believed that using X-rays to detect lung cancer was not a useful approach, and just exposed patients to unnecessary radiation, new research has shown that X-rays and CT scans may in fact be very useful in making determinations and diagnoses. The extra cost of these tests, and extra radiation, may prove lifesaving.

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