Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer or renal cancer is often difficult to diagnose, as some of the symptoms resemble symptoms of other diseases and illnesses. Kidney infections, cysts and/or benign tumors may be identified, but the physician may not take testing further, under the impression that such growths stem from a non-cancerous condition. This misdiagnosis is really the first step in the ultimate delay of a kidney cancer diagnosis that may lead to serious injury, including kidney failure and death.

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Maintain Accurate Documentation

While patients can take an active role in their own care, it is up to the doctors to order the tests. If you believe that previous testing or symptoms warrant further examination and testing, bring your concerns to your doctor and document them. Maintaining accurate documentation can assist us in moving forward with your case.

Smoking Increases Risk

Anyone who is smoking should be concerned about developing cancer. Many people think of smoking being linked to lung cancer. Rarely do they associate smoking with renal cancer. However, more and more research is linking smoking with increased risk of kidney cancer. If you smoke, your doctor should be bringing this to your attention and potentially scheduling screenings to check for any indications of kidney cancer.

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