Failure to Diagnose

One of a doctor’s most important responsibilities is to act with diligence when diagnosing the causes of patients’ symptoms. Unfortunately, not all doctors live up to their responsibilities, and the lack of a timely diagnosis can have severe consequences.

The lawyers at Furr & Henshaw help clients throughout South Carolina pursue medical malpractice and wrongful death claims, including claims for failure to diagnose and delayed diagnosis. With offices in Myrtle Beach , we serve throughout the state.

Did Your Doctor Take The Appropriate Steps?

A misdiagnosis may be considered medical negligence if, for instance, a doctor chooses not to obtain a complete medical history, fails to order appropriate medical tests, fails to recognize signs and symptoms of a serious illness, or fails to follow correct differential diagnosis procedures.

Our firm has more than 40 years of experience pursuing medical malpractice claims. We are recognized as one of South Carolina’s premier law firms in this area. We regularly assist clients with claims for failure to diagnose illnesses and conditions such as the following:

We are extremely thorough in our approach to both the medical and legal issues involved in these cases. We are dedicated to staying current on the latest advances in the law and science of medical negligence through our heavy investment in continuing legal education.

We Hold Medical Care Providers To Account

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