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Were you injured by a prescribed medication?

When you take medication prescribed by a medical care professional, you want to believe that the every person who is a part of that action is properly doing their jobs. Unfortunately, many injuries result every year from individuals consuming improper medication or consuming medication that is actually far more harmful than they believe.

To ensure safety, doctors must monitor medication use of patients

It seems that we are inundated with commercials and other forms of marketing touting the curative properties of medications that are currently available. The problem with these paid messages is that they don't ever explain how the medications actually interact with your body. You are just being handed the notion that all you need to do is take a drug and your medical issues will be magically remedied. But when it comes to prescription drugs, things are not so simple.

Study raises questions about effects of blood pressure medication

It is estimated that one-third of Americans take medication to treat high blood pressure. If not properly controlled, high blood pressure can cause very serious health issues, including kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. So of course, it is vital that the condition be treated. But a recent survey indicates that high blood pressure medications may produce unwanted and even dangerous side effects.

Allergic reaction to medication could cause multiple symptoms

Doctors should only prescribe medications for their patients after performing a thorough screening. Part of that screening is asking a patient if he or she is allergic to any specific medicines. This is a critical question because a patient could suffer serious or even fatal symptoms after taking a drug to which he or she is allergic. But allergy-related medication errors do occur and one common type of allergic reaction is called "anaphylaxis."

Medication safety starts in the doctor's office

From a very young age, most people have at some point been treated with prescriptions to battle an illness or condition. And typically, if the instructions are followed, most drugs will do as intended to help us feel better. But this high rate of success can easily lead us to forget that medications can have serious or even lethal side effects. For this reason, when using medications, caution must be exercised every step of the way and starts when your doctor prescribes a new medication.

Common prescriptions may be deadly medications

It is amazing to think that the most commonly prescribed medications are not necessarily the ones that Americans spend the most money on. In many cases, medications in the top 10 most commonly prescribed list, are inexpensive. However, no matter how cheap these commonly prescribed medications are, they are not worth the cost of a life.

What are the two most common medication errors?

Medication errors are among the most common causes of patient injury in South Carolina and across the country. Even though medical professionals know that this type of error can cause serious harms to patients, medication errors continue to happen in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities. Some experts believe that by educating doctors and other health care workers, a decrease in the number of errors is possible. A major part of this education lies in understanding which errors are the most common.

South Carolina Senate considers sanctions for nursing errors

Imagine a situation in which you lost a loved one because a nurse gave him or her an injection of a drug, which was 10 times the amount, prescribed by the physician. Now also imagine that - unknown to you - the nurse who administered the fatal dosage had already been disciplined for making medication errors.

Medical malpractice does not always happen at hospitals

Surgical errors. Misdiagnoses. Delayed treatments. When you think about the topic of medical malpractice, these may be the things that come to mind: major medical mistakes on the part of doctors, surgeons and nurses, usually in a hospital setting. But from our perspective at Furr & Henshaw, medical malpractice is not confined to any particular location or to specific medical professionals. By being willing to step back and look at the broader scope of the medical profession, it becomes possible to see that there are more ways to become a victim of a health care error than the commonly thought-of ones.

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