Hospital safety grades show disparity in South Carolina

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Medical errors are unexpected and can do an immense amount of damage to people and their families. For South Carolina residents who seek medical attention, being victimized by medical malpractice can cause a worsened condition, illness, injuries and even death.

While people might be under the impression that this is confined to individual doctors, there are some facilities that are worse than others in terms of patient safety. This could be due to a lack of oversight, a bad culture, problems with staff communication and more.

Paying attention to which hospitals are given high safety grades can be helpful in knowing if there may be issues with its staff. Still, mistakes can happen anywhere and people who believe they or a loved one have been harmed by a medical error should know what options are available.

South Carolina hospital safety grades range from high to mediocre

Hospital Safety Scores are published by the Leapfrog Group biannually. It has done this for more than a decade. Its objective is to show which hospitals have a good record for safety and which are known for avoidable patient injuries and illness.

Recently, it released its latest numbers and South Carolina’s ratings ran the gamut from excellent to needing significant improvement. There were 51 hospitals in the state that received a ranking from Leapfrog. Fifteen were given an A. In the spring, there had been 21 that received an A. One received a D. None were given an F. South Carolina came in 21st in the United States as over 29% had an A. In the spring, the state was 13th and had 41% of its hospitals getting an A.

Leapfrog does this because it is concerned about the number of people who lose their lives annually because of a preventable medical mistake. That number is estimated to be 250,000. To come to its conclusions, it rates the hospital’s safety system, communication and other factors.

Those who believe there was a medical mistake should get advice

When medical malpractice has happened, it can go beyond a misdiagnosis, wrong site surgery or medication misstep. If, for example, a person needed to be referred to a specialist but was not; they were not taken seriously with their symptoms; are unsure if their medical concern is severe or not; or has simply gotten ill with a preventable condition that the medical professional missed, it is imperative to know how to hold them accountable. It can happen to people of any age.

The record must be assessed and the entire situation scrutinized to determine a strategy. A medical error can be costly in myriad ways. It can leave families wondering how they will move forward and people unsure as to what the future holds. It is vital to discuss the case with those who understand all areas of a medical mistake and can proceed appropriately to recover all that was lost.


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