Inadequate staff numbers cause resident neglect

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In the United States today, there are staffing shortages in many different industries. Although staffing shortages are critical to many different businesses, it is not always the case that it impacts human lives. However, when it comes to nursing homes, it is sadly often the case. Although the number of residents in South Carolina nursing homes remains more or less constant, without enough staff to support and care for the residents, the situation can become problematic.

There are several nursing homes around the country that have just such a situation and the results are often tragic. Without adequate nursing home staff, the residents do not get the attention and care that they really need on a consistent basis. For example, if a nursing home has 100 residents and there is only one nurse and a few certified nursing assistants to care for that many people, there are often serious issues that come up.

The consequences are sometimes dire

In a situation in which a nursing home is understaffed and in which there are proportionately a large number of residents, fatalities occur some of the time. When it comes to the elderly with chronic (or acute) conditions that are not being treated properly, they are more vulnerable and their lives may be in a constant state of jeopardy if they are not cared for carefully.

Sadly, there are many things that can go wrong in such a situation and the results are often tragic for the residents as well as for their loved ones. If such a situation does occur, it is important that it is investigated carefully and quickly. If it is not dealt with immediately, all sorts of things may happen that will impact many people.

The reasons why there is a staffing shortage

There is a variety of reasons why the staffing shortage has become so extreme. During the colder months in those U.S. states in which there is a change of seasons, inclement weather definitely plays a role in why staff members might choose to decline working at certain locations.

Another reason for the staffing shortage may be that there are all sorts of contagious illnesses that are passed from one resident to another even though the nursing home staff takes every precaution to keep residents away from one another. Sometimes, those illnesses still spread.

If the situation reaches a critical point, higher authorities get involved

In many nursing homes around the country, similar situations have been occurring and it becomes necessary for higher authorities to get involved. In some cases, it is the State Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Health and Human Services that get involved and investigate so that there are answers to why this happened and to prevent it from every happening again.

Valuable advice from a South Carolina attorney

If you have been the victim of nursing home negligence or abuse or a loved one has experienced something similar, it is probably sensible to get the advice of a knowledgeable South Carolina attorney, who can guide you through the process for a hopefully, fair and just outcome. Your rights must be protected and it is important for you to become well acquainted with what you deserve and the type of compensation that you should go after.


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