How medical professionals cause birth injuries

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Having a baby can be a very exciting time to parents in South Carolina. Bringing their child into the world can bring a joy unlike no other. Parents may know that complications can arise, but they are obviously hoping or even assuming that their baby will be healthy. When babies are born with medical complications the excitement can quickly turn to concern, fear, and helplessness.

There are two main types of medical complications that arise. There are birth injuries and birth defects. Birth injuries are physical trauma and usually occur during the delivery or after the birth. Birth defects are abnormalities that occur generally while the child is still in the womb. These could be genetic issues that arise related to family history or it could be because there was an untreated infection or other issues usually during the beginning of the pregnancy.

There is usually not much that can be done medically to prevent birth defects, but many birth injuries can be prevented. However, not all are prevented and sometimes there are even caused by the negligence of the medical professionals involved in the delivery.

Common ways medical professionals cause birth injuries

Sometimes there is nothing the medical professionals can do to prevent a birth injury, but there are also many ways that they can prevent them and sometimes even ways that they cause them. Some common examples of medical negligence are:

  • Failure to act quickly enough when the conditions of the baby worsen
  • Failure to diagnose complications prior to delivery that could be diagnosed
  • Using excessive force during the delivery
  • Using various tools such as forceps or a vacuum incorrectly
  • Not monitoring the baby properly after birth

If the birth injury is caused by medical negligence and could have been prevented, the parents may have a medical malpractice claim against the medical professionals. Some of the injuries they cause can have detrimental effects on the child for the rest of their lives. This can result in extensive medical treatment and excessive medical bills. The medical professionals may be required to compensate the victims for their mistakes.

Many babies suffer birth injuries in South Carolina. In some instances, the mistake can never be corrected and the baby will be left with complications for the rest of their lives. Parents may be entitled to compensation for these mistakes. The compensation may never fix the mistake, but it can ease the financial burdens. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of the birth injuries and may be a useful resource.


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