How to determine if loved ones are victims of nursing home abuse

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People in South Carolina cannot stop time. People will continue to grow older. As this occurs the body and the brain may not be as sharp or work as well as it once did when they were younger. People may develop more medical conditions that require additional care. They may be able to provide much of it themselves or have family members who can provide the care for awhile, but eventually it may become too difficult. They may need more care and attention than their family members can provide.

If this occurs, people may need to be moved to a nursing home where they can receive the care they need. When loved ones are moved to these homes, the expectation is that they will receive the care they need, which is the entire reason they moved to the nursing home. However, there are many nursing homes who do not provide adequate care. In some situations the people living in the nursing homes may be abused or neglected by staff.

Family members are generally not able to come every day to check on their loved ones though and may not be aware of the nursing home abuse that is occurring. The loved one may also be in a condition where they cannot report the abuse to loved ones when they visit.

Signs of nursing home abuse

There are certain signs that people can look for when they visit their loved ones. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Confusion, disorientation, drowsiness and other signs of over or under medication
  • Increased immobility which could be a sign of a lack of exercise/movement throughout the day
  • Poor hygiene, dirty clothes, unwashed, body odor and other signs of a lack of proper hygiene
  • Sudden weight loss, dry mouth, cracked lips and other signs of poor nutrition
  • Bed sores or open wounds
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Being withdrawn, agitation, anxiety, embarrassment or other signs they are being bullied by staff

There may come a time when people in South Carolina need to put a family member into a nursing home. They may think they have put them in a good home, but abuse can occur in any nursing home. It is important that the abuse is caught early to protect the loved one. When people visit their loved ones that they look for signs of abuse. If they believe this is occurring consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial to help ensure the nursing home is held accountable.



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