Signs of nursing home abuse or neglect

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It is difficult for any family in South Carolina who decides a loved one should spend their days in a nursing home. But when a family makes this decision, they have the right to know their loved one receives the highest level of care and attention possible. When a nursing home fails to deliver the proper level of care to an elderly loved one, the family needs to recognize the signs of abuse or neglect as soon as possible.

Lack of mental clarity

Families should sound the alarm if they begin to notice their loved one struggles to stay awake or seems a bit confused. Overmedication is a subtle but common act of nursing home abuse. These symptoms could also mean a nursing home resident is experiencing an adverse reaction to the medications they are taking.

Bathroom Problems

A sure sign that a loved one is not receiving the attention they need is incontinence. You should also pay attention to any rashes or skin infections in the diaper area of nursing home residents who wear them.

Lack of Mobility

Families should become concerned when a nursing home resident begins to have trouble walking or shows other signs of mobility issues. These are signs a loved one may not be receiving the daily exercise they need.

Poor hygiene

Nursing homes that are attentive to the needs of their residents will facilitate good hygiene practices. Residents wearing dirty clothes or who smell badly are probably not receiving the level of care they deserve.

Unexplained injuries

Accidents are a fact of life, even for nursing home residents. But when a loved one begins to suffer from bruises, scratches, or broken bones without an explanation from nursing home staff, a problem exists.

Weight loss

A sudden drop in weight is a likely sign of malnutrition or dehydration. Other indicators for these problems include cracked lips, dry mouth, and a swollen tongue.

Families who learn their loved one is not receiving proper nursing home care will become understandably upset. A personal injury lawyer may prove helpful to families who wish to hold a nursing home accountable for abuse or neglect.


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