Do you know about these risks of chiropractic care?

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Chiropractic treatments are typically thought of as safe alternatives to medications. Even when a person is taking medication for a condition, they might use the chiropractor to help them feel even better and as part of a long-term treatment plan.

Even though people can certainly benefit from going to the chiropractor, these visits aren’t risk-proof. You should understand the risks and the contraindications for chiropractic care so you can determine how to proceed.

Some people should avoid chiropractic care

You shouldn’t visit a chiropractor in certain circumstances. If you have loss of strength, numbness or tingling sensations in a limb, chiropractic care likely isn’t appropriate for you. Bone abnormalities in the neck, severe osteoporosis and cancer in the spine are also contraindications for this type of care.

People who are at an increased risk of having a stroke shouldn’t visit a chiropractor. Some individuals might not realize that they have this increased risk, so it’s a good idea to talk to your primary care physician about the possibility of chiropractic care.

General risks of chiropractic care

Most people will go through their chiropractic treatments without issue. There are a few risks to know before you head to the office for an adjustment.

Neck manipulation can lead to a vertebral artery dissection. This occurs when the vertebral artery tears within the inner lining. A blood clot will form in the arterial wall. The entire clot or pieces of it can break off, which will cause a stroke. There is also a chance that the artery wall expanding will cause the vessel to narrow and prevent blood from flowing in the proper manner.

It is possible that treatments may worsen disk herniations that are already present. They may also cause them to occur. If you feel any pain or have a loss of range of motion in your back, you may have a problem.

Cauda equina syndrome, which is a compression of the lower spinal column nerves, is also possible. This can lead to numbness, tingling and loss of motion in the legs.

If you notice anything is amiss during or after a visit to the chiropractor, you should seek medical care. It is possible to seek compensation for chiropractic malpractice if you suffer harm at the hands of a chiropractor. There is never any reason for these doctors to put their patients in any danger.


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