You have to be your own advocate in labor and delivery

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If you are like many expectant mothers, you probably put a lot of thought into selecting your obstetrician when you realized you were pregnant. It’s also possible that you trusted your family doctor to provide prenatal services and help when your child arrives. Unfortunately, not every doctor really deserves the trust that pregnant women place in them.

While most doctors are dedicated to the care of their patients, there are always a few bad eggs. Your doctor may even convince you that they have your best interest at heart until you arrive at the hospital for the birth of your child. Then, you could find yourself facing the harsh reality of that your doctor is more concerned with their own convenience than with your safety and health.

You need to prepare to advocate for your own best interests in labor and delivery. If you feel like a doctor failed to uphold their duty of care during labor and delivery, resulting in injury to your child, that may be sufficient grounds to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Doctors should put care before convenience

Some people go into medicine because it is a way to make good money. They view it as an opportunity for job security, not a way to make the world a better place. These doctors will take the Hippocratic Oath, which requires them to first do no harm without really thinking about the implications of that oath.

To them, medicine is a career that affords them a luxurious lifestyle and financial stability. Especially for first-time mothers, labor can be a lengthy and difficult process. Doctors may choose to use unnecessary interventions to speed up labor for their own convenience. Perhaps they simply want to go home at the end of a long shift, or maybe they have a dinner reservation they don’t want to miss.

When anything other than your health and the health of your child influences your doctor’s care, the resulting outcome could be tragic. Common interventions to speed up labor can wind up hurting your child. The administration of certain drugs, for example, increases your risk of injury and your child’s risk of death. The use of forceps, vacuums and other devices could leave your child with nerve injuries or other serious medical issues.

It might be time to explore your birth experience with an attorney

If the birth of your child left you traumatized and your child injured, you may have the right to stand up to the doctor involved. Taking the records of your birth and the medical documentation of your child’s injury to an experienced medical malpractice attorney is a critical first step toward securing justice after you and your family have suffered improper or inadequate care at the hands of a selfish physician.


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