Did your doctor administer a drug without proper follow-up care?

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Medications developed to impact the human body can sometimes have unintended physical consequences. Physicians refer to these consequences as side effects. These side effects could include anything from headaches or nausea to weight gain, impotence or even psychosis.

A large number of drugs have unexpected and potentially dangerous side effects, necessitating careful monitoring on the part of any physician to ensure that the patient is safe and continuing to take the drug in question. Unfortunately, many physicians fail to adequately warn their patients about all of the potential consequences or side effects associated with the medication. They may feel complacent because extreme reactions are rare. However, they do happen.

Even more concerning is the fact that some physicians don’t properly monitor patients after prescribing them a drug. Patients may not recognize the symptoms of a serious reaction to a medication until it reaches a dangerous point. Failing to properly monitor patients could be considered professional negligence and may therefore be a form of medical malpractice.

New medications can cause all kinds of problems

If you have never taken a particular drug before, you don’t know exactly how it will affect your body. Many people have different reactions to drugs. It is even possible that you could have an allergic reaction to a new medication. Allergic reactions can become life-threatening if not addressed quickly. Signs of an allergic reaction to a drug could include hives and itchiness or constriction of the throat and difficulty breathing.

It is also possible that the drug prescribed could have an interaction with another medication that the patient takes. Even dietary supplements could impact how a drug affects someone’s body. The nature of interactions between medications varies. Sometimes, the combination of certain compounds can increase the strength of both.

Other times, one medication could negate the effect of the other. It is even possible for the two to combine into something dangerous or toxic. The doctors should be aware of all the medications a patient takes before prescribing something new. However, they should also follow up with the patient and monitor them for reactions to the medication to ensure safety.

You have rights if subpar medical care resulted in serious injuries or losses

Prescription medications can cause injuries that can prove life-changing in certain circumstances. They can even be fatal at times. Those who have suffered some kind of injury, illness or loss as a result of a medication that a doctor did not properly monitor or administer may have grounds to see compensation.

Talking with the lawyer about the circumstances of your situation is a great idea. Your attorney can provide insight about whether what occurred in your case is likely to constitute medical malpractice. If the situation does seem to be malpractice, a Myrtle Beach attorney can help you develop a legal strategy.


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