Ask these questions to choose the right nursing home

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When it comes time to place a loved one in a Myrtle Beach nursing facility, it is important to choose one that will provide proper care. The last thing you want is to move your mother into a home where she will be at a risk of suffering nursing home abuse. Part of choosing the right facility includes doing random, unescorted walk-throughs and asking the right questions.

When you are searching for the right facility that can provide the care your mother needs at an affordable rate, it can seem like an almost impossible task. You can make the process easier by asking these questions when you meet with the nursing home administrator:

Can this facility provide the care and services we need?

The most important aspect of the facility you eventually choose is its ability to provide the care and services your loved one needs. From the staff’s ability to provide emergency care to the condition of the living spaces, you will want to feel secure that your mother will receive the best possible treatment. In addition, ask about what other services the facility provides in terms of occupational and physical therapies, opportunities for socializing, and what they offer in terms of preventative care.

Does the home have proper accreditations and certificates?

Nursing homes can receive accreditation from the Joint Commission, an independent non-profit group. The Joint Commission assess health care organizations and awards certificates of compliance for those that meet their guidelines for quality control and safety. If a nursing facility is certified or accredited, it may be an indication that the home is fully dedicated to its residents.

What activities does the facility offer?

As we age, isolation can become a very serious issue. Maintaining a social life and engaging in activities can be very beneficial in terms of longevity and overall health. Ask the administrator what kind of activities are available to residents. Be sure there are plenty of options that will interest your loved one.

Does the home work with the local ombudsman program?

Whether or not the facility has a good relationship with the long-term care ombudsmen could be an indication of how the home treats its residents. Ombudsmen work as advocates for nursing home residents to ensure they are receiving proper care. If a resident complains of neglect or mistreatment, an ombudsman will start an investigation into the situation. If the nursing home has a friendly relationship with the local ombudsman program, it is a good sign that the risk of abuse is low.

If you are worried that your loved one is experiencing nursing home neglect or some other abuse, it is important that you take immediate steps. Once you have removed your loved one from the situation, your attorney can advise you on what kind of legal steps you can take.


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