Self-care can help women prepare for childbirth

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2016 | Birth Injuries

When a woman is pregnant, her primary concern is for her baby. A baby’s health and well-being are inexorably linked to that of the mother’s. As such, it is absolutely vital that a mother does what she can to care for herself throughout the pregnancy.

What follows are a few health tips for mothers:

  • Get the proper nutrition. You want to make sure your diet provides you with plenty of nutrients such as iron and folate protein. Also, rather than large meals, you may want to eat several small ones throughout the day to help avoid feeling exhausted and heavy.
  • Stay in good physical condition. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women who are pregnant should exercise at least 6 days out of the week for no less than 30 minutes each day. Doing so can make you feel better, and it helps prepare your body for giving birth.
  • Whenever possible, avoid stress. There are any number of stress-relieving activities you may wish to try, such as aromatherapy, yoga, and listening to calming music. Experts believe that stress reduction may be the most important factor regarding the baby’s brain development and birth weight.

Hopefully, your delivery will be achieved without incident. But if you discover that your baby suffered an injury, which you believe was due to negligence on behalf of the doctor or medical staff, you may want to meet with a medical malpractice attorney. An attorney can obtain medical records and other relevant information to help you decide how to best pursue compensation that can be used for your baby’s care.


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