Medical professionals that harm should have consequences

On Behalf of | May 15, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals often live lives of great privilege. However, that privilege is not without great responsibility. Regulators of these professionals require that they take an oath to heal and protect. This is how we can face being rendered unconscious and put under a knife, organs transplanted, limbs removed or babies delivered. The outcome is either to keep us alive or to improve our quality of life.

When a doctor or medical professional who has taken an oath does not treat this responsibility with the utmost respect and the platitude of seriousness it demands, they tend to slip up. A slip up in this profession can have absolutely life-shattering consequences. Babies that should have a lifetime ahead of them die as a result of an unnecessary surgery or a doctor not paying attention to vital birthing cues. Wrong limbs are removed. Incorrect organs are transplanted. Medications are mixed.

What makes these situations so difficult is that victims are going up against a doctor and his or her medical team in regards to what actually happened. Those suffering patients have only the medical team’s reports to account for what happened and a close-knit team often will protect each other. It may begin to feel like a hopeless situation and one in which you don’t have the time, energy or finances to pursue. After all, you are likely overwhelmed with medical bills, lost wages and possibly even funeral expenses.

The medical malpractice team of Furr & Henshaw work diligently in South Carolina so that you can heal. When necessary, their attorneys can employ the proper investigative techniques to uncover what really happened and what went wrong. They also know which avenues to pursue to get the maximum compensation you deserve and bring the negligent or reckless medical professionals to a day of reckoning.


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