Why holiday babies are becoming less common

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2016 | Birth Injuries

Could it be possible that the diminishing number of holiday babies has to do with the increased likelihood of a baby being born from a cesarean section delivery? Absolutely. What is the reason for the increase in cesarean sections? Is that because we have the advancements in medicine that allow us to save more babies and thus, we opt for surgical births instead of natural? Some may be, but according to researcher estimations, nearly half of the cesarean deliveries performed now are done for other reasons, when there was no reason to suspect a natural birth would be problematic.

So it is within reason to expect that unnecessary C-sections are optional and are scheduled around the doctor and the expecting mother’s schedule. Unnecessary surgery may introduce unnecessary risk

as well. From the mid-nineties to 2007, C-sections increased, but neonatal mortality rates did not drop, and the mortality rates of mothers actually rose.

If you or your child suffered injury and it was due to a surgery that was required by your hospital or medical team, you may have room for recourse. You put your faith into your medical team and professionals who devoted their lives to saving yours. So why would that faith be misguided? When could that steer you wrong? If you suffered harm resulting from the surgical delivery of your baby, or if your baby suffered or died as a result of the surgery, you may have recourse.

A South Carolina birth injury attorney should be able to assess your situation and investigate what went wrong, pinpointing where the liability lays and pursuing damages accordingly. Birth should be a time of new hope and unending joy. If that positivity is tainted, you may need assistance on your side to help make the situation better.

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