Hospital negligence can lead to medical malpractice suits

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Hospital Negligence

In hospitals throughout South Carolina, regulations and protocols are in place that are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all of the facilities’ patients. When doctors, nurses or other members of hospital staff fail to adhere to the regulations or follow proper protocol, injuries or even death can result. If you or someone you love suffered due to hospital negligence, you may be eligible to file a medical malpractice suit in an attempt to recover compensation for the resulting damages.

One way hospitals attempt to ensure patient safety is to have a set procedure in place for the administration of medication. For example, a doctor will write a prescription for a patient, which will be sent to the hospital pharmacy. The pharmacist will then fill the prescription, and it will be delivered to the patient’s ward. Once the medication is on the ward, the nurse will review the doctor’s order and administer the medication accordingly, after ensuring the medication is that which the doctor prescribed.

Unfortunately, mistakes often occur during this process. Sometimes, a doctor’s handwriting causes a pharmacist to make a mistake when filling a prescription. Other times, nurses will administer the correct medications in the wrong dosages. Regardless of who made the error or the root cause of the error, an injury to a patient is often the result.

Whether the incidence of hospital negligence that caused your suffering is the result of incorrect medication, a failure to diagnose, a surgical error or another mistake, you have the right to pursue a medical malpractice suit. As medical malpractice cases are often complex, you may find the assistance of Furr & Henshaw, Attorneys at Law beneficial as you attempt to prove negligence. With the help of our network of resources, you may find justice in a South Carolina civil court.


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