Nursing home negligence is elder abuse

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Hospital Negligence

We see complaints made against hospitals regarding negligence in care and blatant medical malpractice. We put our trust in the medical profession to make us better, we do the same in nursing homes. So it is disconcerting to hear of nursing home residents suffering injuries. It’s even worse to learn that one of own loved ones has been the victim of some form of abuse at the hands of negligent nursing home staff. What are some common areas of nursing home negligence that are seen in both hospitals and nursing homes?

Hospital negligence that occurs in a nursing home are things like failing to give or giving the wrong dosage or wrong medication to the patient in the nursing home. That medicine could be vital to the function of the patient’s body and deviating from a scheduled dosage could potentially be very harmful. Failure to properly sterilize and disinfect machines and shared aspects of equipment or surroundings, which contributes to the transfer of diseases and harmful bacteria. Sanitary precautions should always be taken, and all staff should be well-versed on this.

Another form of negligence that can be considered abuse in a nursing home are things like not following up on the results of a lab test or misreading lab test results. If a patient complains of new symptoms, and they are not recorded and followed up on, or if the patient makes a complaint regarding potential elder abuse and it is ignored, all of this equates to nursing home negligence and essentially, elder abuse.

Your loved one should never have to suffer at the hands of medical professionals or their staff, but if you have, there may be recourse to receive significant monetary compensation. The South Carolina elder abuse attorneys of Furr & Henshaw are knowledgeable in area of negligent medical care and will work diligently to get you the remuneration you deserve for your elder abuse claim.


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