Hospital negligence can be much more than just a wet floor

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When you are sick or injured, you put your trust and life in the hands of the doctors, nurses and other members of a hospital staff who are treating you. The sad truth is that sometimes medical malpractice or hospital negligence can result in further injuries, permanent disability or, even, death.

A hospital patient has more to worry about than hospital staff error or medical malpractice when admitted to a facility for medical treatment. A wet floor or malfunctioning equipment could cause a patient to suffer serious injuries. In the case of one South Carolina hospital, a lawsuit filed on behalf of patients claimed that a problem with the facilities water filtration system may have caused an infection that killed three patients.

Patients should be able to rely upon the ability of hospital staff to keep them safe from infections when they are admitted for treatment. It might be argued that infections in a hospital, nursing home or other health care facility are common occurrences. However, when infections are spread through the facility’s water system, courts might determine that victims or their families might be entitled to compensation if the evidence shows that hospital negligence or nursing home error allowed the infection to spread.

Medical malpractice or hospital negligence can be difficult to detect. An infection might be thought of as a natural occurrence until it is investigated and the true source is revealed. A Horry County medical malpractice attorney might be of assistance to individuals who believe that they or members of their family might have suffered injuries due to negligence or malpractice of a health care provider.

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