Misdiagnosis is a major medical error

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2015 | Doctor Errors

Millions of American, including some who are living in the state of South Carolina, have been subjected to consequences when their doctor made an error in diagnosis. Medical mistakes of this magnitude can have dire consequences that range from prolonged suffering to a worsened medical condition. Some patients have even died as a result of this kind of doctor negligence.

Certain conditions that are misdiagnosed are especially dangerous. These include infections, cancers and diseases. Failure to treat infection often results in catastrophic consequences and might even have the potential to impact entire populations. The failure to detect cancer in patients who are seeking treatment for a mystery ailment can result in the loss of valuable time to reverse the illness. 

An estimated 12 million patients, roughly 5 percent of all medical cases in the United States, experience a misdiagnosis each year. This number is worrisome to many professionals, sparking a determination to minimize the frequency of this major medical error. Practitioners encourage patients to take charge of their health by ensuring that they adequately relay all information and symptoms to their doctors. Following up on lab results and making additional appointments can help to lessen the damage that can incur from a misdiagnosis. 

Lawsuits are brought against practitioners each year due to the failure to properly diagnose a patient. This is often seen as medical malpractice and doctors are held liable. If you believe that you have been the victim of misdiagnosis, speaking to an experienced attorney could be beneficial. 


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