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August 2015 Archives

Hospital negligence often accompanies medical malpractice

When something bad happens to you at the hospital and you are injured as a result, the first thing you may think about is medical malpractice. And in many cases, you would be right to do so. Obvious errors, like a surgeon leaving a clamp inside of you, or a pharmacist accidentally swapping your prescription for someone else's, or a doctor diagnosing you with indigestion when you have an ulcer, these are clear examples of medical malpractice.

What is erroneous diagnosis and treatment?

In South Carolina hospitals, doctors and other medical staff are highly trained professionals who have years of training in diagnosing and treating patients. Yet mistakes happen, and patients offer suffer due to it. When a worsened medical condition results from a doctor’s negligence, it is considered medical malpractice. Erroneous diagnosis and treatment fall into this category.

How nurses impact hospital negligence

Hospitals are legally required to make sure their staff, including nurses, are educated and qualified to perform their duties. Besides their legal obligation to vet their staff before hiring them, hospitals have financial reasons to make sure their doctors and nurses can perform their job. After all, a medical malpractice lawsuit against a medical professional could lead to the hospital being liable for damages. Yet, in hospitals all across the nation, including South Carolina, the role of nurses in these sorts of cases is becoming more evident.

Does saying “I’m sorry” count as an admission of guilt?

Conventional legal wisdom states you should never admit guilt. For many, this means never saying “I’m sorry,” as it could mean you have done something that warrants an apology. Yet, even when doctor error was made but injury still occurred from a medical procedure, the doctor may want the patient to know they wish the injury had not happened. In South Carolina, medical professionals can do just that.

Surgical robots far from perfect, study shows

Precise surgical robots were introduced years ago into surgical procedures. They were heralded as a new generation of surgical tools. But, statistics gathered by the Food and Drug Administration from 2000 to 2013 have shown that the robotic surgeries have made their fair share of mistakes.

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