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On Behalf of | May 15, 2015 | Birth Injuries

The arrival of a child into the world is one of those moments that happens only occasionally in life. It is something that is months in the making and which is greatly anticipated, along with the parents’ dreams and hopes for their child’s future. Most of the time the moment of birth is a time for celebration. But on occasion something can go terribly wrong, and when it does the consequences for everyone can be heartbreaking.

Although childbirth today is not as risky as it was in decades and centuries past, that does not mean that accidents cannot still happen. There are numerous things that can go awry: physical injuries to the infant or to the mother, such as dystocia or brachial plexus injuries, or oxygen deprivation at a critical moment that can lead to cerebral or Erbs palsy or other brain damage. Doctors can fail to diagnose problems before birth until it is too late, or decide to perform a cesarean section at the wrong time or when it is unsafe to do so. And in a moment what should have been a joyous event turns instead into one of anxiety or even loss.

We at Furr & Henshaw understand that in the event that you or your newborn have suffered a birth injury, we cannot turn back the clock. You will need to go forward in life as best you can, coping with the consequences of what may have been a negligent act on the part of health care professionals that you trusted. But if negligence was the cause of your changed circumstances, what we can do is to help you to cope with the future needs of your child and of yourselves by seeking appropriate compensation from those responsible for his or her injury.

If you have questions about a possible birth injury or need assistance in deciding what to do if you have experienced one, we can help. Contact us by phone, or use our website to communicate with one of our attorneys to learn more about what we can do. Initial consultations are free of charge, and we serve our clients on a contingency basis so there is no cost to you for our services unless you recover


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