Hospitals can afford defense lawyers — how can you compete?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2015 | Hospital Negligence

Hospitals can be imposing places. Even a community hospital in a medium-sized or small town can be a multi-story building with several doctors and surgeons accompanied by a multitude of staff and carrying the latest in medical technology. None of these personnel or their equipment are cheap, for you or for the hospital; all of this speaks to the financial resources that are available to the hospital, and those resources include having not just one but typically several attorneys available to represent it.

When you put yourself in the care of a hospital or other health care institution, you put yourself in a position where the hospital has a strong position when it comes to determining what care you receive; and if someone at the hospital makes a mistake, like a surgical error, delayed or misdiagnosis, or anything else that causes you injury or other harm, the hospital will count on its superior financial resources to defend itself against you.


It is an unfortunate fact that often when it comes to lawsuits against institutional defendants, part of their strategy will be to delay and to financially bleed you until you can no longer carry on the fight for your rights. If you are paying your attorney by the hour, this point can arrive with distressing alacrity. At Furr & Henshaw, we understand this tactic; that is why we represent our clients on a contingency fee basis. You owe us nothing unless your case settles for a monetary sum, or you win your lawsuit. In this way, we make sure that you can stand toe-to-toe with the hospital and its lawyers for as long as it takes to realize a fair result.

Securing the monetary compensation you deserve if you have been harmed by the negligence of a hospital through its personnel or its policies should never be something that becomes hostage to a financial power play, based on who can afford to wait the other out. If you believe that you have a claim for medical malpractice or hospital negligence, contact us for a free initial consultation to learn more about how we can help you to go the distance.


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