Jury holds that doctor negligence caused delayed cancer diagnosis

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Most residents of South Carolina have probably seen a medical professional at some point in their lives, and every one of those people knows that when receiving medical care, there is a certain amount of trust that has to be placed in the judgment or decisions of a chosen medical professional. After all, medicine and health can be complex topics and there is a reason that we are willing to pay the often high cost that medical professionals charge.

With that trust however, comes a responsibility on the part of medical professionals to give every one of their patients the best care possible. That means doing the best job possible when analyzing medical conditions and determining the best course of action for treating a wide number of conditions and ailments. Unfortunately, thousands of medical mistakes are made every year resulting in serious injuries or death.

A jury has recently decided that one doctor’s error resulted in a missed cancer diagnosis and the eventual death of one of his patients. The suit against this doctor was brought by the daughter of one of his patients, who alleged that the radiologist missed the presence of lung cancer in the X-rays of her mother. As a result, the cancer was not found until 13 months later, and the delayed diagnosis ultimately contributed to her death.

The jury that decided the case agreed with the plaintiff and levied a multi-million dollar judgment against the radiologist, who claims that he acted professionally and in accordance with his medical responsibility.

While it is unfortunate that events like this one can even take place, this story should serve as an example of how important it is for doctors and medical professionals to deliver accurate and timely diagnoses. If a medical professional fails in that task, he or she should be held responsible. If you feel that you have suffered from medical malpractice in the form of a doctor error and want to hold that doctor accountable, then you may want to speak with an attorney about how to pursue your case.


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