Delayed medical treatment scandal causes Shinseki’s resignation

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In a recent blog post, we wrote about the federal probe into the mismanagement and hospital negligence in Veterans Administration hospitals across the country, including in South Carolina. Now VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has resigned as a result of the investigation. After the public urging of accountability for the secretary and other officials who presided over the potential widespread medical malpractice perpetrated against our country’s veterans, the oversight of the scandal will now fall into the hands of his successor.

A recently released report by the VA inspector general verified the rampant falsification of records for the express purpose of disguising treatment wait times that were far greater than those allowed by VA regulations. Congressmen issued a letter to the president, calling the VA’s inability to provide proper care to veterans “inexcusable,” and argued that naming a new secretary to the administration was the only way to restore America’s faith in a system that has clearly failed the heroes who have served our country. 

Simply put, our veterans deserve far better than they have received. Not one person who has ever fought in our military should die simply because he or she had to wait too long for the necessary medical treatment that our laws have guaranteed to them. In fact, civilians should not be harmed either due to delayed medical care.

With Secretary Shinseki’s resignation, it remains to be seen what remedies will be made in the VA system. 

Delayed treatment is considered medical malpractice in certain circumstances, and the victims of medical malpractice deserve to be compensated for their losses.

Source: Washington Post, “Shinseki resigns amid VA scandal over veterans’ health care,” Greg Jaffe and Ed O’Keefe, May 30, 2014


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