Boxer’s family files $100 million lawsuit

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Boxing fans in South Carolina might know the story of boxer Magomed Abdusalamov. He had just completed a bout at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 2, 2013. When he was seen by doctors after the fight, he was diagnosed with a broken nose and had a cut over his eye treated. A trainer noticed that there was blood in his post-fight urine sample. The man who noticed the blood understood that it could mean internal bleeding and recommended that the man go to the hospital.

Neither of the ambulances that were at the facility were used to bring Abdusalamov to the hospital, and the man’s family and his interpreter eventually found a taxi to bring him to the hospital several hours after the fight. While at the hospital, Abdusalamov had emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. After waking from a coma, the boxer was left bedridden and unable to do more that follow simple commands.

In response, the boxer’s family filed a $100 million lawsuit against the New York State Athletic Commission for negligence and medical malpractice in the case. The state inspector general’s office has launched an investigation of its own to see why the blood clot was not discovered. Although the athletic commission is immune from some types of litigation, it could possibly be held liable in the event that medical personnel in its employ were found to be negligent.

In a medical malpractice case, the defendant will normally have to establish that he or she suffered from an injury that was caused by the negligence of the health care provider or was made worse because it was not diagnosed properly. A medical malpractice attorney may be able to inform a client of the particular statutory filing and notice requirements involved with making a claim.

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