Breast augmentation surgery results in brain damage

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South Carolina residents may be interested in a Florida medical malpractice case involving a breast augmentation procedure gone wrong. An 18-year-old Florida woman underwent breast augmentation surgery at a clinic for a discounted fee of $2,100 in August 2013. Shortly after surgery, she developed complications that left her in a coma for two months, and while she has since emerged from the coma, she is incapable of performing basic tasks on her own or caring for her young son, her family says. The clinic denies wrongdoing and alleges the woman withheld “pertinent medical information” leading to the poor surgical outcome.

The woman was in a coma from the time of her surgery until October. She has required 24-hour care at her family’s home since awakening from her coma and is unable to speak, walk or use the toilet independently. Her mother describes episodes of crying and depression on the woman’s part, believing that she understands her functional deficits. The family has filed a medical malpractice suit against the clinic that performed the surgery, and the woman’s mother is seeking guardianship of her 4-year-old grandson.

The family claims the clinic’s allegation that prior medical issues with childbirth were not disclosed is false and that she received an epidural while no general anesthesia was administered. The clinic’s plastic surgeon is board-certified and free of any record of malpractice charges. The anesthesiologist at the clinic, on the other hand, has been convicted of drug dealing and sued in the death of a buttock augmentation patient.

Medical procedures, even cosmetic ones, are not without risk and may have complications resulting in negative outcomes. Medical malpractice may result in disability, large medical and living expenses, pain and suffering, and drastic changes in lifestyle. Sound legal representation in cases of medical malpractice may be crucial in obtaining compensation for damages experienced by victims of negligent medical practitioners.

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