Girl dies after medication error at dentist’s office

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South Carolina parents may be interested in the outcome of an incident involving a young girl who was reportedly over-medicated at a dentist’s office. The girl passed away on Jan. 3 at Hospice Hawaii, one month after she went to a pediatric dentist for six cavity fillings and four root canals on Dec. 3.

According to the medical malpractice lawsuit filed by the girl’s parents, the dentist made a series of mistakes, which started with giving their daughter incorrect dosages of inappropriate medication. The dentist then purportedly left the girl sedated and without supervision for nearly a half-hour. When she suffered cardiac arrest as a result, the dentist allegedly had no plan in place to manage the medical emergency. This left the girl in a vegetative state with brain damage. In late December, the girl was transferred from a local hospital to Hospice Hawaii.

The girl’s parents are suing the dentist for negligence and dangerous conduct. The dentist’s website indicates that the office has permanently closed and has provided an email address for communication purposes. There was no indication as to how much in damages the family is seeking.

There may be a certain amount of risk when sedatives and other serious medications are being administered during a dental visit. An incorrect dosage of medication could have serious and permanent effects. Individuals who suffer injury or families who lose loved ones due to medication error may be able to pursue damages through litigation. A personal injury attorney could advise the victims on their options, recommend a course of action and represent their interests in court or in settlement negotiations.

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