Hospital faces lawsuit following controversial birth procedure

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South Carolina parents may be interested to learn of a news story about an Oregon hospital being sued for medical malpractice. According to the report, a family is suing the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland in connection with the birth procedure of their son performed Sept. 21.

A Washington woman had already scheduled for a delivery of her son by cesarean section at a Seattle hospital when she changed her mind. The C-section method is widely used for babies who, like her son, are in a breech-birth position. According to the report, she had been doing research on the Internet for more information when she apparently discovered the OHSU Hospital’s website. On it’s the website, the hospital advertised its expertise in vaginal delivery of breech babies.

After a consultation with OHSU doctors, her and her husband cancelled the Seattle date and elected to have the procedure done at OHSU instead. Complications during delivery caused the baby to be deprived of oxygen, and, within one day, the baby was diagnosed with a brain injury and cerebral palsy due to insufficient oxygen.

According to the lawsuit, the parents contend that they were promised that doctors would switch to a C-section if medically necessary, but the doctors persisted in a vaginal birth even though complications arose. The hospital made no comment.

Childbirth is always accompanied by some danger of injury. In this case, the injury was to the infant. It some instances, injuries to the mother may also result. Some birth injuries may be attributed to the negligence of doctors and others on the medical team. An attorney, with the help of experienced medical experts, may be able to review medical records and determine the exact cause of injuries. The attorney may then be able to negotiate with the insurance companies to reach a financial settlement to fully compensate for the medical costs and other damages.

Source: Oregon Live, “OHSU faces $25.6 million malpractice lawsuit over vaginal delivery of breech baby“, Helen Jung, September 24, 2013


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