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Emergency Gall Bladder Surgeries May Come with Increased Risk

A study of gall bladder surgeries at a large hospital in a major U.S. city performed over an 8-month stretch identified 22 patients with a total of 35 complications. Eighteen of the 22 were undergoing emergency surgery. More than 90 percent of night-time procedures were emergencies. Surgeries after 7 p.m. and those on older male patients were linked to increased risk of complications.

One lead investigator believes that although the small study of only about 600 surgeries cannot establish a cause-and-effect relationship, it helps to indicate that further research is needed. Potential high-risk patients should become aware of common symptoms, including upper-right abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting that does not improve or go away after changing positions or taking over-the-counter medications.

It's important to report suspicious symptoms to the doctor in case there is a problem with gallstones, which can block gall bladder and liver duct drainage. A competent physician will likely check out symptoms like these in order to treat any underlying causes and try to head off more serious issues that could require surgery.

A qualified attorney can be just as important as a good doctor in the event something should go wrong. When a doctor fails to take a patient's symptoms seriously or misses an important indicator, a patient may experience undue suffering and harm. While surgical errors are not common, they can occur, and a patient may need to discuss his or her resulting condition with a professional legal adviser.

An experienced medical malpractice attorney may be able to answer a patient's questions and discuss relevant concerns related to a health condition, treatment or lawsuit. If medical malpractice does occur, the attorney may be able to help in pursuing compensation for increased medical bills and a decreased quality of life.

Source: US News & World Report, "Complications More Likely With Emergency Gallbladder Surgery: Study", July 03, 2013

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