Medical error at well-known hospital

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A 76-year-old man who went into a well-known hospital to have a kidney removed came out of the surgery with one less body part; however, it was the wrong one. Although it is not clear what happened in the surgery, what is clear is that a physician took the wrong kidney out of the man. Medical errors can occur anywhere, including South Carolina.

While the man is questioning how the surgical error happened, hospital officials explained that both of his kidneys were not functioning properly. Although mistakes are common in medicine, a professional should double check their records to make sure that mistakes like these don’t happen. Other surgeons at the hospital later took out the second kidney for the patient, who is now on dialysis. The man reportedly expressed his confidence in that surgeon.

A study conducted by John Hopkins indicated that medical mistakes occur about 4,000 times annually across the nation. The study further reported that physicians perform the wrong operation on people about 20 times a week and that they also operate on the wrong part of the body 20 times weekly. A lawyer observed that these types of mistakes are considered malpractice.

The hospital stated that the mistake should not have happened at their facility and that the doctor is not practicing at their location until they can investigate the situation further. In addition, patients expressed their support of the facility and said the hospital treated them with the highest level of professionalism.

When medical professionals make medical errors, the mistakes can be life-threatening and even lead to death. A medical malpractice lawyer might help a patient file a lawsuit and determine appropriate compensation.

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