Why hospitals can be dangerous

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South Carolina residents going to a hospital for medical care may feel that they are completely safe, but the unfortunate truth is that, according to the Institute of Medicine, about 100,000 people die from medical errors in the United States every year. In addition to instances of medical malpractice, people may end up being misdiagnosed, given the wrong type or amount of medication or put through unnecessary tests.

One of the leading causes of harm to patients in hospitals is misdiagnosis. If someone’s medical issue is not correctly identified, it is not going to be treated properly. Doctors need to be proactive about figuring out what patients are suffering from instead of just ruling out what they do not have. Related to this is being given the wrong type of medication or the wrong dosage. Even if someone has been diagnosed correctly, they may not end up getting the medication they need.

When doctors are unsure of a diagnosis, they may run patients through a seemingly endless number of tests. In addition to being an enormous waste of money, some tests can end up being harmful to patients. For example, the dyes that are used for CTs and MRIs can cause kidney failure. It is important that doctors are using tests in specific and necessary circumstances.

If someone has been injured while in the care of a medical professional, they may want to speak with a medical malpractice attorney. People rely on doctors to diagnose and treat them properly, and if this does not occur, an attorney may be able to help someone receive compensation.

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