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How do I choose a surgeon?

Even though medical practices have evolved to the point where patient safety is a higher level than ever before, there is always the possibility of suffering an injury during a surgical procedure. As such, if you are likely to need surgery in the near future, you owe it to yourself to prepare by doing some research. The fact is, not all doctors are equally skilled, and the quality of care they offer can vary greatly.

Invasive dental procedure could cause sinus cavity puncture

Let's be honest, going to the dentist is not something most of us look forward to, but it is necessary if you want to keep your smile intact. We all have a natural aversion to pain, and even with Novocaine, it is not unusual to experience some discomfort during a dental procedure. This is to be expected given that dentists use very sharp instruments when working on one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

Choosing a safe nursing home for your loved one

Choosing a nursing home for a family member can be very difficult. You may have mixed emotions about the situation and it can be stressful thinking about leaving a loved one in the care of people you don't know. The sad reality is that not all nursing homes treat their patients well or operate as safely as they should, which is why it's important to know how to choose a good nursing home.

Before choosing a nursing home, always make sure you visit it first to inspect the facility and talk to the staff. Here are things you should look for when you visit a nursing home before you leave your loved one there.

Study shows high injury rate in rehabilitative hospitals

If you undergo a serious medical procedure, you may require additional care for your recovery. It is not unusual for those who are recovering from a physical injury, a stroke or surgery to then go to a rehabilitation hospital. And although a rehab hospital is supposed to provide treatment intended to improve a patient's health, far too often what is offered will actually worsen a patient's condition.

Cosmetic procedure presents fat embolism risk

Many people desire to look their very best. And there are many surgical procedures that can address specific aspects of our appearance that we wish to improve. Typically, cosmetic surgery is considered comparatively safe. But the fact is, there are inherent risks that you take whenever you have any type of surgery. And a recent report reveals that one specific cosmetic procedure could be especially dangerous.

Study raises questions about effects of blood pressure medication

It is estimated that one-third of Americans take medication to treat high blood pressure. If not properly controlled, high blood pressure can cause very serious health issues, including kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. So of course, it is vital that the condition be treated. But a recent survey indicates that high blood pressure medications may produce unwanted and even dangerous side effects.

Retired surgeon alleges doctors may lie under oath

One of the purposes of a civil lawsuit is to provide the opportunity for justice for those who have been harmed or wronged due to the actions of others. In an ideal world, a courtroom would always provide a level playing field in which plaintiffs and defendants would be able to present their cases that would, in turn, be fairly judged on their merits. But in order for this to happen, everyone giving testimony must do so honestly.

Hospital falls common in the United States

If there is one place on earth where we should feel safe, it is the hospital. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, every year in the United States, between 700,000 and 1,000,000 people experience falls in hospitals. Not all of these falls result in patient injuries. However, patients can suffer internal bleeding, lacerations or fractures. And of course, these injuries are in addition to whatever condition the patient had that was the initial basis of the hospital stay.

Study demonstrates parents can spot mistakes missed by doctors

As a parent, you are likely very sensitive to your child's health. However, if your child is experiencing symptoms that may require treatment, a visit to the doctor is typically in order. You have every reason to trust that the physician who examines your child will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis. But when it comes to assessing your child, you may be more qualified to spot problems than you think.

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