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Hospital negligence can lead to medical malpractice suits

In hospitals throughout South Carolina, regulations and protocols are in place that are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all of the facilities' patients. When doctors, nurses or other members of hospital staff fail to adhere to the regulations or follow proper protocol, injuries or even death can result. If you or someone you love suffered due to hospital negligence, you may be eligible to file a medical malpractice suit in an attempt to recover compensation for the resulting damages.

South Carolina parents, birth injuries and medical malpractice

In South Carolina hospitals and hospitals all across the country, countless newborns suffer birth injuries. However, most of these injuries do not require treatment, and the injuries heal naturally. Unfortunately, some newborns are not so lucky, and their birth injuries result in lifelong physical or mental disabilities. For parents of these unlucky children, lawsuits for medical malpractice may be required to ensure their children have care for the rest of their lives.

Surgical Errors Can Come In Many Different Forms

When most people think of surgical errors, they think of surgeons operating on the wrong body part or accidentally clipping an artery. While these two errors are, unfortunately, fairly common, other types of surgical errors seem to be just as common in South Carolina ? including foreign body retention. What is foreign body retention?

Nursing home negligence is elder abuse

We see complaints made against hospitals regarding negligence in care and blatant medical malpractice. We put our trust in the medical profession to make us better, we do the same in nursing homes. So it is disconcerting to hear of nursing home residents suffering injuries. It's even worse to learn that one of own loved ones has been the victim of some form of abuse at the hands of negligent nursing home staff. What are some common areas of nursing home negligence that are seen in both hospitals and nursing homes?

What happens after I report nursing home abuse suspicions?

What should you expect after you report suspected abuse to Adult Protective Services and your state's Long-Term Care Ombudsman? If your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, both you and your loved one may be dealing with an entirely new and frightening experience.

The unbearable truths behind nursing home abuse

They brought us into this world. Their lives became focused around our own and equipping us with the very best tools to build a future and a joy-filled, secure life. That is why, as our parents age and are no longer able to care for themselves safely, it falls particularly hard on our shoulders to bear the responsibility of finding and providing for them suitable care. With the trend toward both women and men working full-time jobs, we trust because we must, that a nursing home will provide diligent and professional care. We hope it is even better care than that which we could provide personally.

With visions of sugarplums come dangers of dental malpractice

After the holiday festivities end and the pursuit of resolutions begins to pick up momentum in your mind, you may add a visit to the dentist for a routine cleaning to your agenda. As you many have experienced, a visit to the dentist can end up being anything but routine. Dentists are highly trained to specific skills and sometimes the work required in a patient's mouth may require even greater and more specific skill, perhaps by either a medical doctor or an oral surgeon.

Hospital negligence can be much more than just a wet floor

When you are sick or injured, you put your trust and life in the hands of the doctors, nurses and other members of a hospital staff who are treating you. The sad truth is that sometimes medical malpractice or hospital negligence can result in further injuries, permanent disability or, even, death.

A hospital patient has more to worry about than hospital staff error or medical malpractice when admitted to a facility for medical treatment. A wet floor or malfunctioning equipment could cause a patient to suffer serious injuries. In the case of one South Carolina hospital, a lawsuit filed on behalf of patients claimed that a problem with the facilities water filtration system may have caused an infection that killed three patients.

What is the standard of care for medical malpractice?

In an ordinary personal injury action based on negligence, the plaintiff must prove among other things that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, and failed to uphold that duty. This means generally that the defendant must act as a "reasonable person" would under the same circumstances; what a reasonable person would do is up to the determination of the jury.

For some legal causes of action, though, the applicable standard of care can change to a higher level. Medical malpractice actions constitute one of these situations under which the ordinary reasonable person standard is not sufficient to establish negligence on the part of the defendant.

Medication errors among problems found at rehab facility

Multiple deficiencies in its health care practices have caused a Limestone rehabilitation facility to lose its Medicare and Medicaid qualification with the federal government.

The facility, the John M. Reed Health & Rehabilitation facility, was subject to a South Carolina Department of Health survey investigation that alleges several deficient practices there, including but not limited to the failure of staff to prevent avoidable patient problems with patient re-positioning, the development of pressure ulcers and urinary tract infections, and problems with administration of medications. With regard to the medication errors, these involved how antibiotics were administered and problems with transcription and delivery of medications meant to combat infections.

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